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Show Your Personal Style with Your Debit Card

When you whip out your credit union debit card, why not show off what makes you you? At Westmark Credit Union, you can design your own debit cards and credit cards to give them a touch of your personal flair.

Our ePix cards let you personalize the design of your debit and credit cards in a few clicks. We offer a variety of gallery images, or you can upload your own photo, so your card will truly be one of a kind. Show off a picture of your grandkids, your pets, or your favorite vacation. You can even upload your company logo to create a professional look for the card you use on the job. Changing your card design won’t change your number, so you won’t have to update any of your auto payments.

Personalized debit cards are just one way in which Westmark Credit Union puts you in the driver’s seat of your personal finance choices. You can find out more about membership in our credit union in Idaho by calling (208) 523-1071.

Is Credit Union Membership Right for You?

Are you fed up with banking with a big institution that is more invested in its bottom line than your financial success? If so, then you could be ready for credit union membership. Credit unions offer tons of advantages, and contrary to popular belief, nearly everyone is eligible for membership in at least one union. Should you start moving your checking account and savings accounts to a credit union? Here are some signs that you could benefit from becoming a member.

You want personalized service.

When you go into a bank, you’re an account number. At a credit union, you’re a member. Because credit unions cater to their members, they are more able to develop a personal relationship with you and become familiar with your personal financial needs. That means you can get personalized financial help when you need it, and when you need to borrow money for a mortgage or other loan, the credit union can consider your entire situation holistically rather than judging you simply based on a number on a piece of paper.

You want better rates.

Credit unions don’t answer to shareholders, and as nonprofits, they reinvest any earnings they have back into member services. This structure typically allows them to offer lower interest rates on loans and higher interest rates on savings products. The result is that you come out ahead on both types of accounts over traditional banks. Credit unions also tend offer more favorable rates on overdrafts, ATM fees, and account fees.

You want ongoing financial help.

As your financial situation changes, so do your needs. Credit unions are active in providing consumer education services and access to financial pros who can help you transition through different stages of your life. Get advice on your first mortgage, buying a car, saving for retirement, and other big financial milestones.

To find out if credit union membership is right for you, contact Westmark Credit Union today. We can help you determine your eligibility and learn more about our checking and savings accounts in Idaho. Contact us today at (208) 523-1071 for more information.

How Much Money Should You Be Saving?

When it comes to personal finance and money management, one question that seems to plague everyone is how much money you should really be saving. The experts at your credit union are always willing to help you make decisions about your savings goals. This video will also help.

As a general rule of thumb, about 20% of your earnings should go into some type of savings account. This should be divided up according to your needs and goals, including retirement savings and an emergency fund. Often, a few small changes in your spending habits can make a big difference when it comes to savings.

Westmark Credit Union is committed to helping our members gain control over their money, with financial advice at our credit union in Idaho. For more information, please call (208) 523-1071.

Tips for Building a Budget You Can Actually Live With

Budgeting your money is key to taking control of your personal finances, but for many people, the very thought of having a budget is overwhelming. In reality, having a budget doesn’t mean that you’re constantly depriving yourself. It simply helps you make sure your money works for you the way you want it to. Your credit union is a great source of financial help like budget building. These tips will also help you take a step towards a budget that is right for you.

Know Where You Stand

You can’t make a budget without knowing your starting point, so it’s time to take a hard look at your finances. Add up how much money you have in checking, savings, and other financial accounts. Figure out how much you make each month. If your salary is irregular, track it for a few months and get an average. Now, calculate your debt and regular monthly expenses, such as rent or mortgage, car loan payments, and utilities. All of this information will let you know exactly where you stand with your finances now so you can make smart spending and savings decisions.

Track Your Daily Expenses

Track the money you spend each day on things like coffee, lunch, gas, and going out with friends. After tracking for a week, you may be surprised how much money you are spending on little things that you could live without. These expenses are where you can really begin to see a way for you to save money without compromising your lifestyle.

Use a Budgeting Tool

Plug all of the information you have about your income, expenses, debt, and spending habits into a spreadsheet or app, and then set up targets for spending and saving each month. Divide up your money the way that feels right for you and that lets you achieve both short and long-term goals. For instance, if you love to go to the movies every weekend, you don’t have to give it up. Just make sure you make adjustments elsewhere to accommodate that expense that you enjoy.

Westmark Credit Union makes budgeting easy with our checking and savings accounts and personalized financial help in Idaho. You can talk to a credit union representative today at (208) 523-1071.

Banking by Text: What You Need to Know

One of the biggest benefits of smartphone technology is that you can maintain more control than ever over your finances. Alongside our mobile banking and eStatements, Westmark Credit Union is now pleased to make banking by text a reality for our members. This straightforward process makes it simple to manage your checking and saving account with text messages.

To bank by text, start by sending a text to 25215 to request your account information. Type a message stating the kind of information you want, such as BAL for balance. Send your message and get a reply from us with the information you want. In addition to seeing your balances, you can also view all of your recent transactions.

To sign up for Text Banking, enroll in Westmark Credit Union’s Home Banking Personal Branch and then register your phone in your mobile banking services screen. You can also visit a branch of our credit union in Idaho for more information or call (208) 523-1071 for help.

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