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Why Is Having a Credit Card from a Credit Union a Good Idea?

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When looking for a credit card, you’ll find a wide range of plans to choose from. Depending on your lifestyle, you’ll have to take into account such factors as interest rates, rewards programs, and annual fees—all of which differ relative to the credit card company.

Before you embark on this search, however, you may want to consider applying to a credit union. According to Pew Charitable Trusts, credit unions provide more consumer-friendly terms compared to what banks provide. Here are some unique features of a credit union that reveal why applying with them is a good idea:

  • Member-Owned: At a credit union, you’ll find the same range of services that a bank provides. The difference is that you won’t be viewed as a customer, but as a member. Unlike banks, credit unions are not-for-profit organizations. Banks are first and foremost a business, which means that shareholders are most concerned with making money.
  • Better Rates: Credit unions do not have to deal with the pressure of obliging investors the way banks do. At a credit union, all profits that are made on credit cards return to the members. Essentially, this allows for lower mortgage rates and higher savings rates.
  • Solid Customer Service:If you’re afraid that your past credit history will impede your efforts to get a loan or a credit card, you may find credit unions more understanding. Compared to banks, credit unions are more flexible when it comes to modifying terms for members who are experiencing tough financial times.

At Westmark Credit Union, we can help you find the credit card that suits your lifestyle. With over fifty years of experience, we continue to provide the best possible financial services to our members. If you’re interested in applying for a low interest credit card with us, contact us at (800) 574-5626 to learn how you can be a member. You can also visit one of our ten conveniently-located branches throughout Idaho.

Great Prizes to Give Away at the Pocatello Branch's Member Appreciation Day on Friday, June 29 (Photo)

On Friday, June 29, Westmark Credit Union's Pocatello branch will be giving away great prizes at the Member Appreciation Day celebration. Mark your calendar so you don't miss this fun event. 

Pocatello Branch Prize Table

For more information about our credit union in Pocatello, please call 208-523-1071.

Our Silverstone Branch Celebrated Member Appreciation Day by Giving Away GREAT Prizes! (Photos)

On June 22, Westmark Credit Union's Silverstone branch celebrated Member Appreciation Day. Everyone enjoyed food, drinks and great company. Four lucky members walked away with fantastic prize packages!

Member Appreciation Day - Backyard Fun Winner!

Thank you to all of our members for joining in on the fun! For more information about Westmark Credit Union, or to become a member, please call 208-523-1071 or visit one of our 10 conveniently-located branches. 

Purchasing the Car of Your Dreams: The Benefits of an Auto Loan

Woman kissing her new car

The decision to purchase a new car can be as life-changing as the decision to buy a house. And, like any other valuable purchase, it can be just as intimidating. Fortunately, there are options available to you that make the process of buying a car an affordable and rewarding experience. With an auto loan, you can alleviate many of the undesirable financial burdens of a full cash transaction or a lease. If spreading your car payments out into affordable monthly installments appeals to you, consider the other ways an auto loan can benefit you in the long run:

  • Save Your Money: An auto loan is a practical option if you want to steer clear of a large dent in your checking or savings account. Likewise, the extra money in your account may save you from future setbacks or accidents.
  • Build Your Credit: Taking out a car loan is one of the strongest ways to influence your credit score. By making timely payments on an auto loan, you can successfully improve or establish your credit.
  • Buy Your Dream Car: With an auto loan, you no longer have to worry about limiting your car choice. If you want the better, more expensive car, you can purchase it without having to worry about that huge down payment.
  • Own Your Dream Car: After paying off your auto loan, you retain full ownership of the car. This means that you can sell it, borrow against it, or trade it in. If you decide to keep it, you’ll enjoy the perks of owning a car and not having to make payments every month.

If you have your sights set on a car, talk to a Loan Officer at Westmark Credit Union or apply on line at www.westmark.org/ to discover how you can benefit from an auto loan. With over fifty years of committed service to the people of Idaho, we remain dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals. To learn more about the options and terms that are available for you, contact us at (800) 574-5626.

Treasure Valley Employees on the MOVE

Amber Marathon

On May 19th, Treasure Valley employees Jonathan Galusha and Amber Johns participated in the Famous Idaho Potato Half Marathon sponsored by the YMCA. This year, there were over 3,000 participants in the 5K/10K/Half/Full Marathon and the event raised over $35,000 through entry fees and sponsors. The proceeds from the event will be used to give financial assistance to children and families through reduced membership costs for the YMCA, along with many other financial assistance programs. These reduced costs allow families to keep active and healthy when many families would not be able to afford the membership.

The half marathon is a 13.1 mile run starting at the Lucky Peak Reservoir and ending in Ann Morrison Park in Boise, Idaho. Both Jonathan and Amber trained for about 5 months running 5-6 days a week and both put a lot of dedication into this run. Other participants in the group were former employee Krista Knosp and her father Leon Knosp. As you can see by the times, all of the participants did a great job and we look forward to next year’s run and the opportunity to help other families stay active in our community.

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