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Then and Now: A Look at the History of Credit Unions

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Members of credit unions feel secure in the fact that their credit union always has been there when they needed it for a mortgage, auto loan, savings account, or investment planning. And that's true, because credit unions have been around for 80 to 100 years. The Federal Credit Union Act was signed into law by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1934 to make credit more available and to promote nonprofit credit cooperatives. After nearly 80 years, credit unions still are going strong here in Idaho and around the country.

European Roots

A few credit unions had already cropped up in the United States even before President Roosevelt signed the Federal Credit Union Act. St. Mary's Cooperative Credit Association opened in Manchester, N.H., in 1909.Most of America's not-for-profit credit cooperatives were modeled after German financial institutions dating back as far as the middle 19th century. These cooperatives were governed democratically, with equal representation no matter the size of a member's deposits, and had a volunteer board of directors.The German credit cooperative, or "people's bank," was based on a cooperative mill and bakery. England can boast financial cooperatives even earlier in the 19th century.

U.S. Acceptance

After a 1900 Quebec cooperative formed in response to loan sharks charging exorbitant interest rates, word spread to New Hampshire and St. Mary's formed. Soon, Massachusetts created a credit union law that formed the basis for the national law.  In 1936, an article in Consumer Union Reports (modern-day Consumer Reports) explained why credit unions were better than banks. The credit union movement really boomed during the 1940s and 1950s, and there were more than 10,000 credit unions in the United States by 1960.


Though some credit unions have merged—there are about 8,000 credit unions in the country today—their membership is strong. More than 92 million people are members of U.S. credit unions. Federally-insured credit unions back their members' deposits and offer a range of services.

Westmark Credit Union was established in 1954 and our first official office opened in Idaho Falls in 1964, which was followed by the opening of offices in Blackfoot, Pocatello, Rigby, Rexburg, Eagle, Meridian and Nampa.  Originally formed to serve Idaho National Engineering Laboratory workers, Westmark eventually merged with several other area credit unions to become one of the largest credit unions in Idaho providing services to 34 Idaho counties.  Find out why our 45,000 members appreciate our decades-long history of personal service by calling (208) 523-1071 to learn more about our mortgages, loans, savings, and other products.

How to Build Credit at a Young Age

It's important for young people to establish credit, or a history of responsible borrowing and paying back of money. Doing so makes it much easier to buy a car, home, or apartment when the time comes. In fact, not having credit might even make it difficult to purchase your own cell phone plan.

This video from CNN Money gives advice on how to build your credit so that you can establish a positive credit history. First, get a copy of your credit report to make sure it's clear. Open an account at a bank or credit union. Apply for a charge card, but be sure you only charge as much as you can pay off at the end of each month. The key to establishing credit is to show restraint and that you pay your bills on time.

If you need help establishing credit, look to Westmark Credit Union for help. Call Westmark Credit Union at (208) 523-1071 to learn more about our checking and savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and other services or stop by one of our 10 conveniently located Idaho branches in Rigby, Rexburg, Blackfoot, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Eagle, Meridian and Nampa.

The Benefits of Using a Local Credit Union

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When credit unions first began in the 1930s, their purpose was to promote available credit and thrift through a system of nonprofit, local cooperatives. Laws have changed slightly, and credit union services have grown over the years; in fact, they have thrived. Still, your local credit union is much like a cooperative farm or grocery store because it works for you.

Convenient Local Locations

Because credit unions are local entities, they have plenty of nearby branches. Credit unions sometimes form to serve large employers, such as corporations or state governments, but they also serve entire communities. Credit unions open branches near their members and around town to serve retirees and expanding customer bases. What's more, credit unions also offer convenient ATM services and online banking. 

Excellent Customer Service

Credit unions are big enough to offer what you need, but not so big that you feel lost in the shuffle.  These cooperatively-run banks are designed to help their members improve their financial situations by growing their savings, planning for retirement, and paying their debts. And you can be sure that your money is safe.  Credit unions are owned by their members, the same people who deposit money into and borrow from them.  In a way, every member who walks in is a VIP.

Personalized Attention

Credit unions' smaller size and cooperative ownership mean a more personalized approach to helping you manage your finances. When families join credit unions, children can learn about saving and budgeting by setting up youth savings accounts. Credit union representatives meet with members to discuss mortgage and other loan needs or to help plan for the future with life insurance or investment services.

We'll always give you great customer service and personalized attention at Westmark Credit Union. Westmark was formed in 1954 to serve employees of Idaho National Engineering Laboratory in Idaho Falls. The first branch opened about 10 years later, and we eventually merged with other credit unions to serve a diverse membership throughout Idaho. We now have 10 branches to serve you located in Pocatello, Blackfoot, Rigby, Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Eagle, Meridian and Nampa, along with additional ATMs.

Call Westmark Credit Union at (208) 523-1071 to learn more about our checking and savings accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, and investment services. Or simply stop by one of our conveniently-located branches.

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