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The Benefits of Banking with Westmark Credit Union

Finding a credit union you can trust is one of the most effective ways to take care of your banking needs. Whether you need to obtain loans or you want to take advantage of mobile banking services, Westmark Credit Union can help you out. You will get all the benefits of working with a credit union when you come to us.

Watch this video to hear about what a credit union can do for you. You can get your hands on a debit card, take advantage of a free checking account, get a car loan, and discover many other financial services. Your money will be safe, and you will get very competitive annual percentage rates on loans.

Are you interested in finding about more about how a credit union serving Idaho can help you? Call Westmark Credit Union at (208) 523-1071 to get more information about our bank services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Credit Unions

FAQ credit union IdahoIf you have spent your whole financial life handling your finances through major banks, you may not know much about credit unions. These entities serve as alternatives to banks, and they may come with a number of benefits. Here are the answers to some of your frequently asked questions about credit unions.

What Is a Credit Union?
Many people choose to work with credit unions rather than major banks. Credit unions are financial institutions that offer a variety of banking services, including car loans, mobile banking, and checking and savings accounts. Credit unions primarily differ from banks in that they are not for profit institutions. Because they are not geared towards earning a profit, credit unions are often able to provide people with higher quality service in the forms of fewer charges and loans at lower rates. Credit unions are attractive to people who would prefer to bank with people who represent their community rather than major chains. These institutions have existed for more than a century and a half, although credit unions in the U.S. only sprang up about a hundred years ago.

How Can I Join a Credit Union?
The first credit unions opened their doors to anyone who had five dollars. In modern times there may be a few different requirements that you need to meet before joining. These requirements vary from credit union to credit union, but they typically have to do with the area where you reside or the industry in which you work. Credit unions tend to help communities come together by offering members’ families memberships as well.

How Are Credit Unions Regulated?

Like banks, credit unions are regulated. The entity that regulates credit unions is a federal agency called the National Credit Union Administration. Any amount of money that you deposit using a credit union will be insured up to 250,000 dollars.

Do you still have questions about credit unions serving Idaho? Call Westmark Credit Union at (208) 523-2722. We are happy to offer a variety of financial services, including car loans and online banking. Feel free to visit our website or stop by today for more information.

Getting the Most Out of Your Bank Account

If you want to keep your funds safe and organized, it is wise to open a bank account at your local credit union. Watch this video for a few helpful tips on getting the most out of your bank account.

Whether you open a checking account, a savings account, or both, it helps to make the most of your account. Be sure to research local credit unions in order to find the best fit. Refrain from sharing your PIN number with other people, and keep your checkbook up to date. Remember that some credit unions require that you keep a minimum balance.

Westmark Credit Union is proud to provide various banking services in Idaho. From car loans to financial advice, our team is ready and willing to help you out. Please do not hesitate to visit our website or call us at (208) 523-2722 to learn more about our credit union.

Essential Home Mortgage Tips

home mortgage tips idaho

Most people typically cannot afford to pay for their home up front and in cash, and instead choose to take out a mortgage. Mortgages are like loans in the sense that they allow you to purchase a piece of property without paying the full amount of money at once. Here is a look at a few essential home mortgage tips.

If you want to get the best deal on your mortgage, it is important that you stay organized. Make sure you have an up to date and accurate view of your finances, and get them in order well before it comes time to actually buy the house. It also helps to keep your money still; avoid engaging in unnecessary investments or transferring money from your savings account throughout the time period during which you are looking for a home. Staying on top of your finances can help you make the most of your mortgage.

If you would like additional home mortgage tips, call Westmark Credit Union at (208) 523-2722. We offer car loans and online banking in addition to mortgages in Idaho. Please feel free to visit our website or stop by and meet with us if you live in the area.

Examining Some Common Checking Account Mistakes

examining some common checking account mistakes idahoMany individuals prefer to keep their everyday finances organized with a checking account. This can be quite convenient, but it is important that you know how to use your account properly in order to protect yourself. Read on if you are interested in examining some common checking account mistakes.

Lack of Communication

Your checking account allows you to set up automatic payments for student loans, monthly services, and other bills. While this can be very convenient, it is important that you remember to turn off your automatic payments in certain situations. This is particularly important if you are planning to close your account or if your balance dips lower than usual. It is also important to receive statements from your credit union. Be sure to update your credit union whenever you change your address or name.

Co-Sign Troubles

If you share a checking account with someone else or you have co-signed for another party, it is crucial that you do so with someone you trust. In the event that the other party abuses or mishandles your shared account, it is possible for both parties to suffer the consequences. Never co-sign with anyone you do not fully trust in order to avoid this common checking account mistake.

Handling Errors

Credit unions and banks are not perfect, and sometimes you may encounter a human error. It is important to keep track of your bank statements and let your credit union know if you notice anything that looks questionable. Hold on to any receipts that you may have so that you can present them in the event of a dispute. Do not be afraid to bring up a possible mistake to your credit union representative; even if there was no mistake, your union can explain the situation and make sure you are on the same page.

For more information about these common checking account mistakes, please feel free to contact Westmark Credit Union or visit our website. Our credit union serving Idaho specializes in checking accounts and many other financial services. Please call us at (208) 523-2722 or stop by and see us to learn more about us.

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