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Using Mobile Banking to Manage Your Checking Account

In the past, all banking services were carried out at the bank itself, limiting many important financial transactions to business hours. Modern-day mobile banking has made tasks such as checking your account balance and making instantaneous transfers between bank accounts easier than ever before. Westmark Credit Union’s mobile banking options allow you to securely access your checking account from your phone or your computer through the use of our app or our mobile browser. We also offer simple and secure text banking so you can quickly check the balance of your checking account without the need to remember or enter login information when you want information on the go. You can even deposit checks remotely and pay directly from your smartphone for faster banking and greater convenience every day.

At Westmark Credit Union, we are pleased to make it easy to access the financial services you need from any location and at any time. If you’d like to learn more about mobile banking and eBanking in Idaho, please call us today at (208) 523-1071, or visit our website to set up your online banking and mobile banking preferences.

What You Need to Know About Getting Your First Loan

Loans are a form of financial help that allow you to make big ticket purchases such as a home or a car; loans are also an excellent option to finance an education or necessary home improvements and repairs. Before applying for your first loan, knowing some basic information about the loans your bank can offer you will help you through this process and help you prepare to get the best rates available on your loan.

Your Credit Score Matters

Your credit score will be a significant determining factor in the interest rates available to you when you apply for a loan. A lower interest rate will save you considerable money, as the difference between just a few percentage points of interest over several years can amount to thousands of dollars in interest. When you have a good credit score, you’re demonstrating to your lender that you are financially responsible and organized, and are more likely to pay your loan back on time without skipping payments or deadlines. Before applying for a loan, check your credit reports and consider taking steps to improve your credit score prior to visiting your bank to discuss your loan options.

Your Income Matters

While your credit score typically determines your loan’s interest rate, your income plays a bigger part in the amount your bank is willing to let you borrow. This is because your monthly income determines the amount you can comfortably pay in loan installations each month, so you’ll need to bring your employment and income information with you to your credit union when applying for a loan. If you have more than one income source, such as a second job or a spouse’s income, make sure to bring this information with you as well.

At Westmark Credit Union, our loan department is here to help you with personalized financial advice on home loans, car loans, and more. You can find out more about our loans and other financial services near Idaho when you click through our comprehensive website, or by calling our credit union directly at (208) 523-1071.

Understanding Health Savings Accounts

HSAs, or Health Savings Accounts, allow you to put away money toward future medical bills. You can make contributions to this type of bank account for an individual, a married couple, or a family.

This video discusses some of the many benefits you can receive when you open a Health Savings Account with your credit union. All contributions you make to this flexible savings account are tax-free, and there is no deadline for using the money you put away, allowing you to pay out of pocket today for continued financial security in the future.

Westmark Credit Union’s Medical Savings Accounts can help you prepare for future medical costs. If you’d like to open a savings account in Idaho to cover your medical expenses, you can find out more about this process when you visit our credit union online or call (208) 523-1071.

How to Recover When Your Credit Takes a Hit

Your credit score is used to determine factors like the interest rates available to you on loans and the amount of credit you may be granted when you apply for a credit card. Thus, poor credit can hurt you in many ways, especially when you look to make large purchases. If your credit has suffered a hit, you are not saddled with a low score forever—there are several ways to improve your credit score for greater financial power.

Read Your Credit Report

When you know your exact credit score, you’ll know the best steps to take to improve it. However, credit reports are not always accurate—in some cases, resolved issues or even a mistaken identity can lower your credit score. The first step toward improving your credit score should be to request a credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies. Check each report carefully and compare them; if you notice discrepancies or inaccurate information, you can dispute it ensure your credit score is an accurate reflection of your current credit.

Minimize Your Outstanding Debt

A poor credit score is often the result of significant outstanding debt or a history of overdue payments. Thus, working to eliminate these factors can raise your credit score to a much higher value by demonstrating the financially responsible behavior that lenders want to see. Begin by paying as many bills as possible on time and in full, and reduce outstanding debt by keeping purchases to the essentials so you aren’t carrying a significant—or any—balance on your credit card from month to month. If you’re having trouble repaying loans, discuss refinancing or other options with your lender to better manage these ongoing financial obligations.

While it does take time to improve your credit score, your credit union serving Idaho can help by providing you with the financial help you need. You can reach Westmark Credit Union by phone at (208) 523-1071 to discuss our financial services, or visit our website for additional details about our loans and banking options.

Establishing Long-Term Savings Goals

Short-term financial goals are those that you hope to accomplish within one or two years, such as building an emergency fund. Long-term savings goals could take years to achieve, but it’s important to get started as soon as possible. Setting aside even a small amount of money in a savings account at your credit union every week will allow you to accrue interest on that money over time.

Many people share similar long-term savings goals, such as purchasing a new or used vehicle, buying a home, saving for the kids’ college tuition, and saving for retirement. To make your goals actionable, consider how much time you’ll give yourself to accomplish each goal. Then think about how much money you’ll need at that point. Divide the total number of money you’ll need by the years you’ll take to get there. This is the amount you should save every year for that particular goal. You can break this total down further to your monthly and weekly savings goals.

Looking for attractive savings accounts in Idaho? Call Westmark Credit Union at (208) 523-1071 to request financial advice from a friendly representative.

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