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Get Command Over Your Finances with Text Messages

Want to check the balance of your bank account before you make a purchase? Doing it is easier than ever before thanks to Westmark Credit Union’s amazing Text Message Banking service. You can obtain information about your bank account near Idaho in just a matter of seconds!

To begin using Text Message Banking, all you need to do is enroll with Westmark Credit Union’s Personal Branch. Once you’ve done that, you simply send a text message to Westmark any time you want, and we will respond with the personal finance information that you request right away. You can view the current balance of any bank account and even check out recent transactions that you have made.

Westmark Credit Union, a credit union that has been serving Idaho for more than 60 years, would love to tell you more about banking through text messages. You can find out about it by calling us at (208) 523-1071 today.

A Basic Guide to Different Types of Financial Accounts

When you work with a credit union, you will have the opportunity to open up a number of financial accounts. Some of them will help you save money, while others are designed to allow you to spend your money more easily. Before you start banking with a credit union, you should make sure you understand the different types of financial accounts. Here are a few of the most popular options.

Savings Account

As you would probably guess after looking at its name, this type of financial account is designed to encourage you to save your money. You can deposit money into a savings account or withdrawal money from it, but you cannot write checks to pay bills using it. You will be able to earn money by keeping money in it, and you will receive a passbook from your credit union to keep track of your money.

Checking Account

If you need to use your financial account to pay bills, a checking account is the way to go. Whether you opt for a basic checking account that only allows you to write checks or you go with an interest-bearing checking account that allows you to earn money every month, both options will give you the freedom to write checks and make online payments whenever you want.

Money Market Deposit Account

Money market deposit accounts are ideal for those who have a large amount of money that they don’t spend very often. You can only write a limited number of checks per month with a money market account and you will need to keep your balance at a certain amount to reap the benefits of it, but a money market account enables you to invest your money and receive a higher return on it.

Westmark Credit Union can help you open any type of bank account that you want. You can call us at (208) 523-1071 to receive more information about the financial accounts we offer and to get the process of signing up for a bank account in Idaho started.

Simplifying Interest Rates

In order to make the most of your banking experience, you should attempt to learn more about interest rates. Whether you are borrowing money from a credit union, opening a savings account, or obtaining a credit card, you need to understand how interest rates will affect you.

Watch this video to get a better understanding of interest rates. You will find out how they can either help or hurt you depending on what kind of banking you plan on doing. Interest rates are easier to comprehend than you probably think.

Want to learn more about interest rates? Call Westmark Credit Union at (208) 523-1071 to learn about the specific interest rates we currently offer on car loans, financial accounts, and other bank services near Idaho.

Things to Consider When You Open a Savings Account

Opening a savings account through a credit union is a great way to start saving more money on a regular basis. But before you decide to open a savings account, you should make sure that you have a clear plan in place for how you are going to save. Here are some questions you should ask yourself prior to applying for this type of bank account.

How Much Money Am I Going to Save Every Month?

You don’t need to save a ridiculously large amount of money every month to build your savings account up, but you do need to make a commitment to putting aside a little bit of money. You should decide how much money you can afford to save and stick to it. You don’t want to put yourself into a financial hardship because of your savings account, but you also don’t want to open a savings account and then realize you don’t know how much to save.

How Am I Going to Use My Savings Account?

Do you plan on turning to your savings account for regular expenses—or is it only going to be for emergencies? Some people make withdrawals from their savings account too often and, as a result, they are not able to save effectively. When you commit to saving, you should also commit to only making withdrawals from your savings account when it is absolutely necessary.

Can I Get a Better Interest Rate?

Every credit union will offer you a different interest rate. The higher the interest rate, the better the savings account is, because you will be able to collect interest over the years based on how much money you have in your account. Credit union rates vary, so you should find the rate that works best for your specific situation.

Westmark Credit Union can show you how simple it is to open a savings account today. You will be well on your way to saving money in no time when you work with us. You can stop in or call (208) 523-1071 to speak with someone about opening a savings account near Idaho.

How to Use Your Smartphone to Stay on Top of Your Bills

There’s nothing worse than getting hit with a late fee on a bill simply because you forgot to schedule a payment before you went away on vacation or on a business trip. Now you can make that a thing of the past by taking advantage of mobile banking on your smartphone! You can use mobile banking to pay off any bill in just a matter of seconds.

In order to take advantage of the benefits of mobile banking, all you need to do is sign up for mobile billpay through your credit union. Once you’ve done that, you can add your bills to the online banking app, set up payments, and even schedule payments on the spot when you realize that one is due. It’s the easiest way to avoid costly late fees.

Westmark Credit Union, a credit union serving Idaho that was established back in 1954, offers Online Billpay to our customers so that you’ll never miss another payment. You can call (208) 523-1071 to learn about how online banking can help you take control of your personal finance once and for all.

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